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Color codes:   NF - The Idealist Temperament  
    Are abstract in speech and cooperative in pursuing their goals. Their greatest strength is diplomatic integration. Their best developed intelligence role is either mentoring (Counselors and Teachers) or advocacy (Healers and Champions).    NF - The Idealist      NT - The Rational Temperament 
    Are abstract in speech and utilitarian in pursuing their goals. Their greatest strength is strategy. Their most developed intelligence role is that of either the Engineer (Architects and Inventors) or the Coordinator (Masterminds and Fieldmarshals).    NT - The Rational      SJ - The Guardian Temperament 
    Are concrete in communicating and cooperative in pursuing their goals. Their greatest strength is logistics. Their most developed intelligence role is either that of the Conservator (Protectors and Providers) or the Administrator (Inspector and Supervisor).   SJ - The Guardian      SP - The Artisan Temperament 
    Are concrete in speech and utilitarian in pursing their goals. Their greatest strength is tactical variation. Their most developed intelligence role is that of either the Operator (Promoters and Crafters) or the Entertainer (Performers and Composers).    SP - The Artisan
Idealist Temperament - Typical Natural Gifts and Talents  Typical Natural Gifts and Talents: Idealist TemperamentENFJENFPINFJINFP Idealist • Appealing Careers
Acknowledging others • recognizing and validating others for who they are
Building rapport • bringing harmony to a relationship
Building self-esteem • helping others feel good about themselves
Communicating • effectively exchanging verbal or written information with others
Consulting • giving professional advice
Coordinating • bringing people and activities together in a harmonious way
Counseling • helping others with their personal and professional problems
Enlightening • giving spiritual insight
Expressing feelings • openly communicating feelings with other people
Facilitating groups • assisting a group to harmoniously move in a positive direction
Fostering • nurturing
Guiding others • steering or directing people in a positive direction
Healing • restoring health
Helping others • improving the lives of others
Influencing others • having an effect on the lives of other people
Inspiring others • having an exalting influence upon others
Interviewing others • using good communication skills to obtain information from a another person
Leading • acting as a positive role model more than being in a position of power or authority
Listening • hearing and paying attention to what others have to say
Mentoring • coaching and supporting others in the direction they want to go in
Motivating • acting as a catalyst to move others to action
Nurturing • developing and fostering the potential in others
Public speaking • effectively using language to make speeches in public
Recruiting • getting others involved in whatever they believe in
Supporting others • assisting others emotionally
Teaching • enlightening others and motivating them to learn
Training • putting things in writing
Visualizing • directing the growth of others
Working as a team • bringing a group together to meet a common goal
• Elementary and Secondary education
• Special education
• Music, Drama, Dance
• Art therapy
• Counseling
• Child development
• Psychology
• Rehabilitation counseling
• Sociology
• Sign Language
• Religious studies
• Social Work
• Women's studies
• Public relation
• Literature
• Journalism
• Languages
• Holistic Health
• Personnel work
• Communications
Rational Temperament - Typical Natural Gifts and Talents  Typical Natural Gifts and Talents: Rational TemperamentENTJ ENTPINTJINTP Rational • Appealing Careers
Analyzing • separating or distinguishing the component parts of something to discover its true nature or inner relationships
Conceptualizing • forming abstract ideas in the mind
Consulting • giving technical information or providing ideas to define, clarify or sharpen procedures, capabilities, or product specifications
Critiquing • analyzing, evaluating, or appreciating works of art
Curing • restoring to health after a disease
Debating • discussing a question by considering opposing arguments
Designing • mentally conceiving and planning
Developing • making something available to improve a situation
Diagnosing • analyzing the cause or nature of a condition, situation, or problem
Editing • improving and directing publications
Generating ideas • brainstorming or dreaming up ideas
Intellectualizing • using the intellect rather than emotion or experience
Interpreting ideas • explaining the meaning of ideas
Inventing • developing or creating something for the first time
Learning • gaining knowledge
Observing • examining people, data, or things scientifically
Problem solving • identifying key issues or factors in a problem, generating ideas & solutions to problems, selecting the best approach, testing & evaluating it
Proofreading • reading and marking corrections
Reasoning • using the process of conception, judgment, or inference
Researching • investigating and experimenting aimed at the discovery and interpretation of facts
Synthesizing • integrating ideas and information
Thinking logically • subjecting ideas to the process of logical thought
Writing • expressing by means of words
• Law
• Philosophy
• Political Science
• Linguistics
• Architecture
• Medicine
• Psychiatry
• Computer Science
• Engineering
• Biology
• Physics
• Biochemistry
• Oceanography
• Archaeology
• Classics
• Mathematics
• Astronomy
• Earth Sciences
• Chemistry
• Film making
Guardian Temperament - Typical Natural Gifts and Talents  Typical Natural Gifts and Talents: Guardian TemperamentESTJESFJISTJISFJ Guardian • Appealing Careers
Administering policies • managing a course or method of action
Allocating resources • designing resources for a specific purpose
Attending to detail • paying attention to small items
Book-keeping • recording the accounts or transactions of a business
Budgeting • planning the amount of money that is available for, required for, or assigned to a particular purpose
Calculating • determining by mathematical means
Caretaking • taking care of the physical needs of others, especially children, the sick and the elderly
Collecting data • gathering information
Coordinating • taking care of logistics for events to flow smoothly
Decision-making • bringing things to a conclusion
Delegating • entrusting responsibilities to other people
Dispatching • sending off or away with promptness
Establishing procedures • constructing a series of steps to be followed in accomplishing something
Estimating cost • judging approximately the value or worth of something
Evaluating • appraising the worth, significance or status of something
Following directions • doing specifically the things told to do by others verbally or in writing
Following through • completing an activity planned or begun
Guarding • protecting or defending
Maintaining schedules • overseeing something designated for a fixed, future time
Maintaining records • accurate and up-to-date record-keeping
Managing • directing or conducting business or affairs
Monitoring • watching, observing, or checking for a specific purpose
Organizing • arranging things in a systematic order
Paying attention to detail • looking for smaller elements
Planning • making a way of proceeding
Preparing • getting something ready for use or getting ready for some occasion
Recording • putting things in writing
Regulating • governing or directing according to rule or law
Securing • relieving from exposure to danger
Serving • making a contribution to the welfare of others
Supervising • taking responsibility for the work done by others
• Pharmacology
• Gerontology
• Dentistry
• Mathematics
• Nursing
• Forestry
• Finance
• Banking
• Quality Control
• Economics
• Auditing
• Fish & Wildlife Management
• Hotel-Restaurant Management
• Urban Planning
• Hospital Administration
• City Planning
• Legal Assistant
• Law Enforcement
• Library Science
• Accounting
• Horticulture
• Public Health
• Electrical Engineering
• Brokerage & Investment
• Statistics
Artisan Temperament - Typical Natural Gifts and Talents  Typical Natural Gifts and Talents: Artisan TemperamentESTPESFPISTPISFP Artisan • Appealing Careers
Assembling things • fitting together the parts of things
Coaching • training intensively by instruction, demonstration, and practice
Competing • challenging another for the purpose of winning
Constructing • building something
Dancing • performing rhythmic and patterned bodily movements
Displaying things • arranging something in an eye-catching exhibit
Drafting • drawing the preliminary sketch, version, or plan for something
Entertaining • performing publicly for amusement
Gardening • cultivating a plot of ground with herbs, fruits, flowers or vegetables
Illustrating • providing visual features intended to explain or decorate
Influencing others • causing an effect on others
Manipulating • treating or operating with the hands or by mechanical means
Manufacturing • making from raw materials by hand or by machinery
Marketing • planning and strategizing how to present a product or service in the marketplace
Negotiating • conferring with another so as to arrive at the settlement of some matter
Operating tools • skillfully handling tools to perform work
Operating vehicles • driving cabs, limousines, heavy equipment, etc.
Performing • practicing an art that involves public performance
Persuading • influencing others in favor of a product, service, or point of view
Promoting • persuading people to see the value of an idea, person, activity or cause
Public Speaking • expressing yourself before a group
Repairing • restoring by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken
Responding to emergencies • being spontaneous and level-headed in emergency situations
Risk taking • having a dangerous element to life
Selling • promoting a service or product with the intent of getting someone to buy or accept it in exchange for something, usually money

• Marketing
• Fire Science
• Auto Mechanics
• Air Traffic Control
• Real Estate
• Radio & TV
• Dance
• Travel
• Theater
• Athletic Training
• Construction Engineering
• Mining Engineering
• Physical Education
• Interior Design
• Physical Therapy
• Music Therapy
• Recreation Administration
• Cosmetology
• Vocational Arts
• Radio & Film Technology
• Exercise Physiology
• Media
• Art
• Design