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Here's what caught Esquire editors' eyes in in the City of Light.

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If you want to open up a nightclub, then you need catchy nightclub names. The right name will make customers think that your nightclub is full of fun and dancing. Once you have the right nightclub name, you can register it and start making your business plan. Before you register any name, make sure that it is not already in use in your area. You ca…
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As my mother lovingly reminded me growing up, beauty is pain. And while I’ve come to largely discard that hackneyed and outdated notion, one area in which it’s continued to ring true is footwear—specifically, high heels. I’ve managed to find a comfortable version of every kind of shoe imaginable, aside from that aforementioned exc…
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The utilitarian staple have had a bad rap, but now cargo pants are in favor with stylish guys and our favorite designers.
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Is it possible that what you consider to be just fine fashion finds have caused you to miss out on meeting Miss Right? Let’s hope not. Yes men, it’s what’s on the inside that really counts, but before she decides if she would like to get to know you any better, she’s sizing you up on the outside. Even if you’ve set you…
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Assembling the perfect date night outfit is a kind of art—in the way that mixing and matching candles in your home or creating the right menu for a dinner party is an art. It requires you to thoughtfully balance an array of different elements. With candles, you have to manage the scent profile so it never veers too fruity, floral or sugary-sweet. &…
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