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Have you ever met a baby with back pain? How about a toddler with tight hips? Considering these and other ailments seem to be a common side effect of ...
29.01.2018 · From
The last thing you might be thinking about after killing it in kickboxing class is hurrying home for some bedroom time with your partner. But having sex after a workout has some pretty amazing benefits. Chief among them: You’re probably already feeling positive, empowered, and on top of the world. RELATED: …
22.02.2018 · From
Five years after Adidas's squishy "Boost" foam hit shelves, we break down just how important Boost has been to Adidas—and how it changed the sneaker industry forever.
02.02.2018 · From
Communicating about certain things that are important to us can be difficult—especially if we really care about someone. And talking about our needs and wants when it comes to being intimate is scary—it doesn’t matter if we’ve been in a relationship for five weeks or five years, it can make us feel vulnerable, and so many of us tend to …
02.03.2018 · From
Fall is coming. Yes, summer will shortly be ending, and gone will be the days of sunbathing, drinking at the pool, summer BBQs, and t-shirts and shorts. Unfortunately, you can’t get away with wearing tank tops and basketball shorts anymore. Time to return them to the back of the closet.And as …
30.01.2018 · From
It’s easy to imagine celebrities as these high-ranking, unattainable people who we will never meet—let alone live the same lives as. But everyone has to start from somewhere—even astronomically famous stars like Jennifer Aniston, Johnny Depp, and Rihanna. And yes, before they became chart-topping pop stars and award-winning actors, these star…
01.02.2018 · From
The Lululemon x Roden Gray collection is sharp. (And yes, you should still wear it to the gym.)
08.02.2018 · From
She's meeting the needs of black women, one "Mousse Def" texture spray at a time.
02.02.2018 · From
The NBA's stylish players get a lot of attention for their sneakers and tunnel outfits, but there's even more to appreciate about this crew's style.
27.02.2018 · From
To me, shopping and dressing directly from store mannequins signifies the death of personal style. Yes, these outfits are convenient, artfully put together from talented people at J. Crew or whatever store you’re at—but they’re not a reflection of your personal style: it’s the brand’s projected style for the current season. So, how do y…
28.02.2018 · From
Have you ever noticed how shockingly painful a paper cut can be? How is it these sorts of experiences can be so painful, yet the moment professional s...
29.01.2018 · From
Here's what caught Esquire editors' eyes in in the City of Light.
02.02.2018 · From
One of the best things you can do to live longer is to exercise and eat right. The problem is nowadays the FDA is putting harmful stuff in our foods that is causing fatalities and few are recognizing what is truly going on.
29.01.2018 · From admin
"In my workouts, I'm not worried if I look cute, I'm all about working out and winning."
31.01.2018 · From
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