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About Us
Welcome to ChicPeoplemeet.com, operated by Technology Business Consultants, Inc. (the “Company”). ChicPeopleMeet.com is an online social networking enterprise that provides a virtual meeting place for professionals and consumers who are devoted to making Health, Fitness, and Beauty a priority in their lives. Its triad of services consists of a dating and networking platform to connect people who share the same passions. It also operates as a full-fledged social and business networking platform with a host of ecommerce tools to link skilled professionals with prospective clients. The community also serves as the leading powerhouse of information for the Health, Fitness and Beauty industry. The site provides articles, news and beauty tips to inform and educate members on industry, market, and product and service information. The company is based out of Chicago, IL. The Company’s Mission ChicPeopleMeet.com's mission is to become the premiere web based market place for people who wish to meet others who also make Health, Fitness and Beauty a priority in their lifestyle.. Products and Services Leverages the Multi-Billion Dollar Online Dating industry to create a market for members of the Multi-Trillion Dollar Health, Fitness and Beauty markets that enables them to: • Enhance their Web & Social Networking Presence • Enhance Brand Identity • Enhance Skill sets • Acquire New Customers • Improve Customer Satisfaction